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MSP37431-7 - Pewter Japanese God

RM 628.00

Japanese God Set

Approximate Size: 5.5cm H each
Approximation Weight: 0.100 Kg(s) for 3 items

: 0.200 Kg(s) for 4 items

This Pewter Japanese God is a Seven Gods of Fortune (Seven Lucky Gods).
Each has a traditional attribute:-
1.Ebisu, Symbol of fishers or merchants
2.Daikokuten (Daikoku), Symbol of wealth, commerce and trade.
3.Bishamonten, Symbol of warriors.
4.Benzaiten (Benten-sama), Symbol of knowledge, art and beauty.
5.Fukurokuju, Symbol of happiness, wealth and longevity.
6.Hotei, Symbol of happy and good health
7.Juroujin (Gama), Symbol of of longevity
The Japanese God is made of high quality pewter. 

Pewter Product Made In Malaysia. 

We can custom-make your pewter gifts.
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